Disinfecting Cleaning Products | Spray, Wipes, and Disinfectants

Cleaning your home top to bottom regularly, helps you better to enjoy and relax in the place you live. However, sometimes even a vigorous clean isn’t always enough to keep those pesky household germs and bacteria at bay. 

This doesn’t mean you need to obsessively scrub every surface with Disinfecting cleaning products every day, but it would be wise to regularly wipe down and disinfect high traffic areas in your home, especially after you’ve had visitors around or if somebody in your home is ill with a virus. From powerful Disinfecting wipes to alcohol disinfectant sprays, learn about a variety of disinfecting cleaners you can use around your home to arm you and your family against germs. 

Disinfecting sprays

Disinfecting sprays are many people’s first port of call around the home. Whether you’re cleaning small fixtures like door knobs and light switches or doing the rounds and wiping down your tables and countertops, you’ll need a powerful Disinfecting spray that is quick and easy to use. 

Disinfecting wipes 

Effective Disinfecting cleaning products don’t stop at sprays. Disinfecting wipes are a great solution, whether you’re disinfecting high touch areas of your home such as handles, switches and sinks, or if you’re giving surfaces a quick wipe down after having guests around. 

 From floor cleaners that will take care of your living room, to fragrant floors cleaners that will refresh your bathroom and kitchen, Cif has a range of products to choose from. 

Remember, it’s important you don’t skip out on cleaning and disinfecting the other high use items in your home that are often missed. Technology items, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones can carry some of the more harmful bacteria. Regardless of whether you choose Cif’s Disinfecting wipes or other sprays, they will help you tackle germs that live on some of the most used devices in your home.

Finally, if someone you live with comes down with a virus, it’s best to increase the amount of Disinfecting cleaning you do, to minimize the risk of others in your household getting sick.

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