Limescale Remover Guide | Toilet, Shower Head, and Glass

If you have milky-white marks on your shower head and your sink faucets are crusty rather than shiny, then unfortunately, you have limescale in your bathroom. 

Limescale has a chalk-like appearance, and is essentially a buildup of a hard deposit made of calcium carbonate. It’s found in places that come into regular contact with ‘hard’ water, and usually grows over time on sink faucets, shower heads, bath taps and toilet bowls. It can look unattractive and unhygienic, but never fear, because you can combat limescale and restore shine to your bathroom, so long as you come prepared with the right bathroom products.

We’ve created a bathroom limescale remover guide, to help you tackle the problem; from shower glass limescale remover and shower head limescale remover to the best toilet limescale remover.

Why should I care about removing bathroom limescale?  

Not only can limescale spoil the overall look and feel of your bathroom, but it can also wreak havoc on your pipes and even cause the chrome to peel off your faucets. Bathroom limescale buildup can also reduce your home’s energy efficiency, with research finding that just 6mm of limescale buildup can reduce energy efficiency by up to 40 per cent. So, it’s ideal to tackle the problem before it gets too out of hand.

Limescale remover – Toilet 

A toilet riddled with limescale is not a good look. But cleaning limescale from your toilet doesn’t need to be a long and difficult task. The best toilet bowl limescale remover should be able to cut through the hard deposits and leave a smooth finish. The best option to remove limescale in your toilet bowl, and pretty much all other bathroom limescale is Cif’s Power & Shine Bathroom spray. The specialist formula works hard to battle tough limescale stains and leaves a streak-free shine for your toilet, inside and out. 

Shower head and glass limescale remover

It’s amazing how much limescale can buildup in your shower over a short period of time, especially if your home has one bathroom and shower. So, you want to make sure that you treat limescale, before it corrodes your lovely taps, faucets and shower heads. 

The option that works best for all three as a tap limescale remover, shower head limescale remover and a shower glass limescale remover, is Cif’s Power & Shine Bathroom spray. The benefit here is that the spray will work on all of these surfaces – tiles, glass and chrome. However, if you have marble, wood or natural stone finishes in your bathroom, be sure not to spray limescale removers on those materials, as they could be damaged. 

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