Cif’s purpose is to restore the beauty of the homes & neighbourhoods that we live in.



The home-buying boom ensues, leading people all over the world to treat their new home with care and respect.


Cif was launched; specifically to help people maintain the beauty of their homes without leaving damage to surfaces or appliances.


Cif has rejuvenated millions of homes, is the leading cleaner choice in over 60 countries, and is now available in the US

Restoring Beauty to Restore Well-Being

In a world that doesn’t take the beauty of where we live seriously enough, Cif’s purpose is to restore the beauty of the homes & neighbourhoods that we live in because doing so has a positive effect on the well-being of the people we serve, making them feel more positive, more trusting in their surroundings & more engaged with their communities.

With a growing number of people moving to live in cities across the world, Cif has aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities, encouraging local communities to make use of their public communal areas & beautifying public spaces that have fallen into urban decay.

To bring this to life, Cif has been launching ‘Cif Cleans’ purpose campaigns for over 4 years in UK, Hungary and other parts of the world, restoring beauty to public spaces & improving individual & community well-being.

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