Ways Category: CIF CREAM

Hobs & Hotplates

Easily remove splashes, grease stains and even burnt-on food from gas and electric cookers.

Shoes & Boots

Been out in the mud? Some Cif Cream on a cotton cloth will have your trainers and wellies looking box-fresh again in no time.

Car Tires

The rims of your car tyres lacking a tad dull? Give them the Cif Cream treatment and they’ll get their shine right back.


When the weather’s good, you don’t want to spend ages cleaning the barbecue before using it. So just soak a small brush in Cif Cream, scrub off the grease stains and food bits, then rinse.


Even your front door can pick up a surprising amount of grime. Restore its beauty with some Cif Cream on a cloth.

Door Handle

Metal and synthetic door handles go back to looking like new with a little Cif Cream on a damp cloth. Fingerprints and sticky bits? Not anymore.

Garden Furniture

If your patio set is PVC, you can clean it easily with some Cif Cream on a sponge. Then let the rain rinse it for you – or use the garden hose.

Sport Equipment

Cif Cream can clean anything from tennis racquets to golf balls. Just rub and rinse.


Sure, they get your plates and clothes clean, but how often do they themselves get a clean? Give the outside of your dishwasher and washing machine a wipe down with some Cif Cream on a damp cloth.

Washing Machine

Prevent that build-up of laundry powder and any residue of laundry liquid in your washing machine drawer with a wipe of Cif Cream followed by a quick rinse.